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March Wishlist


Ok so we know its already mid- march, but we've been a little busy lately and haven't had the time to blog as much, but now were back together, at last, and have found time to write.
So here is a collection of a few things were lusting after this month!!

We are both desperate to try out the Liz Earle cleanser and moisturiser as everyone is raving on about it. So thats a must on our shopping list's this month, even if we are forking out the £41! Hope you are worth it Lizzie!
I, Leah, want to purchase some mac eyeshadows, im thinking a palette of four brown neutral colours so I can jazz up my lids everyday :). Also after getting an ugly looking black eye from skiing (oops) I think its time to spend some money and buy some concealer. After trying Sophie's erase paste from her Confessions of a concealaholic I think my own pot will be worth the pennies. I'm loving the ballerina-esque look this season and thought this skirt looked gorgeous from river island.
Sophie says, I love love love loveeee this purse by Ted Baker and I've been seeing it around everywhere lately, its haunting me and luring me into the temptation of buying it. To be quite honest I probably would have bought it already if it wasn't for everyone I know deciding to have their birthday this month, and mothers day and all that mallarky. But I definitely will be investing £65 in one of those, even if it is most of my pocket money gone. Im in desperate need of some new foundation although I am thinking of trying out mac as Leah loves her new foundation. Not sure which one yet I'll have to ask. Also, everyone's been shouting about Lancome's Hypnose mascara and how good it is so i'm eager to test that out! I actually already invested in a fair few Topshop basic vest tops this month as i thought i needed some, but they aren't as great as I hoped they would be cause they are a little see through, but they make good layering tops!

More blogs sooon, lots of love

Leah & Sophie

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