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Superdrug Face Mask review;


Hello bloggers :)
Popped into Superdrug the other day (a popular UK drugstore) and picked up 4 face masks for £2.99, the ones I bought were: Peel off pomegranate & cranberry, Exfoliating strawberry, Exfoliating forest fruits and a Pore cleansing chocolate. All sounding rather yummy :). We decided (on our weekly sleep over) to do some pampering, pjs on and 90210 ready and waiting. Sophie chose the chocolate one and Leah chose the forest fruits one. They smelt absolutely gorgeous and we were so tempted to have a taste haha. The price was amazing and Sophie even had have of hers left after application. The packaging is really pretty showing all the yummy ingredients (obviously not all the chemicals and yucky things).
Leah says: The face mask smelt so delicious and rubbing in the little granules felt so good, the directions say to leave it for 5-10 minutes but we ended up leaving it for 40 as it hadn't all dried. Taking it off was really annoying and messy, I wish I had chosen the peel off one! My bathroom was covered in a fruity and chocolate mess! But I had baby soft skin when I woke up the next day and I will definitely put my bathroom through that mess again.
Sophie says: I've been on a diet for the past couple of weeks, so when I opened the packet and smelt how chocolatey it was, It was so hard to not be gross and try some. The mask spread so easily onto my face and it was so smooth. But veryyy messy! When I came to wash it off I had chocolatey everything, it was dripping everywhere and made me wish I hadn't worn it in the first place. But only for a minute. The sacrifices we make for beauty eh. As a result my face was left lovely and smooth but I still felt I hadn't gotten all of the mask off even after intense cleaning. I think next time it might just be easier to use Nutella, tasty too! Yum!
Hope you have a good laugh at our photo!!

Lots of love

Leah & Sophie

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