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Cocktails and kitties..


Hey girls!
Sorry we've been a bit distant recently, we've got a lot going on with work, revision and other boring past times. We haven't even had any time to spend with our friends recently as we're all off doing different things. We decided we needed to arrange a night that we could all get together for a catch up and stick to it! A night out on the town was much needed. So the four of us ( was supposed to be five but Grace went on a roadtrip to Europe last minute!) got our gladrags on and headed off down the road to Bath. A lovely local city in England for those who don't know. 

From left to right ( Leah, Sophie, Heather, Daisy)
Leah: First of all apologies for my pregnancy look and my ability of not being able to stand up straight. I wore a blouse from New Look and a skirt from Miss Selfridge.
Sophie: I had a lot off issues with my outfit on the night, it was from missguided.com, I've never bought anything from there before and doubt I will again, my playsuit ripped on the night and it was so low I had to pin it so my boobies didn't fall out, and also when it arrived it was a completely different colour than I expected, although I like the playsuit it's just not worth the hassle!! 

First, we stopped off at a cute little cocktail bar called Pulp, we have a photo of our cocktails but this one from weheartit.com looks a lot more colourful and pretty. We then went to another bar called The slug and lettuce and had more cocktails yum!! Then we headed off to a club to party on, although it was so packed we couldn't bear to stay on the dance floor for long :( So naturally we resorted to the next best thing, more alcohol and introduced our selves to a few randoms! Although we did come across some strange ones :-/

There is a point for the random cats ha, I (Leah) have been cat sitting for my boss for the last week and the next following week. They are cute little kittens but they are completely mad. They like to sleep in the day and run around my room and jump on my head all night so I haven't had copious amounts of beauty sleep recently. I have to keep them inside and only in certain rooms because my cats would go mad if they found out other felines had invaded. I've been paid so I'm happy to put up with the lack of sleep for a little while at least! I'm a sucker for cute little pets so naturally i have a small zoo in my house and garden.

We only really blog about what we know and it would be nice to get out of our comfort zone once in a while, any suggestions? Or requests for blog?

Lots of love,

Leah & Sophie

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  1. Keep up with the blogging! You guys are doing great ^^
    Just followed ~



  1. you guys all look awesome!
    would you like to follow each other?

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