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Recent makeup haul


We were about to take some pictures of ourselves so you know what we look like ;) but were just about to go off to the gym so we thought we'd show you a few of our recent purchases.

We are just beginners so be nice and share tips no bitching ladies :)

So first of all here is everything we are going to talk about in our recent haul ...

Sophie's purchases: 
Benefit's Confessions of a concealaholic - Usually £28
Benefit's Boi-ing in shade 02 - £16.50
Mac eye kohl in smolder - £13.00

Leah's purchases: 
Garnier's skin natural essentials day moisturiser - Around £8
Mac's studio sculpt foundation in NC15 - £23.50
Mac's opulash mascara in bad,bad,black - £13.50

Heres what we think...

S.pngOk so first of all we have my benefit concealaholic box filled with everyday necessaties and treasures. I actually bought my box when I saw my friend using it and decided i was in desperate need of some new cover up, and concealaholic has a solution for just about every blemish and facial error thinkable. In a desperate search i flitted through benefits website and found it for £28. Thinking this was quite expensive considering i was still quite sceptical about the item i continued to search the web for cheaper options and eventually came across it on Ebay for just £8 pounds!! Thinking there must be something wrong with it for it to be this cheap i continued searching and was shocked to see it said new and unused. So i purchased on a whim and  am i glad i did!! For somebody like me who has never used benefit makeup before this has certainly helped to persuade me and when i run out of this product (which i will) I will definitely be buying it from benefits website or counter as I want to support them as they support my face.

S.pngAbove is a picture of lemon aid and eye bright.
Lemon aid is on my index finger and i use it on my eyelids usually when I'm in a rush and don't have time to apply much eye makeup, as it brightens up the eyes and makes you look fresh and awake.
Eye bright, on my middle finger, is used on the skin on the inner and outer bits of your eyes to help brighten up your tired eyes. :)

S.pngI love erase paste as i get quite dark circles under my eyes and a smidge of it makes them dissapear. Nuff said.

S.pngSo Boi-ing, this was in my concealaholic box and i loved it so much that i went and bought a bigger pot. I tend to get blemishes depending on my stress level so I am always in need of a good pot of concealer and at the moment boi-ing if my fav and at £16.50 a pot you can't go wrong!


I've been using an estee lauder foundation for at least 4 years now, but recently my skin has become drier than normal even with excessive moisturising so i thought it was time to branch out and try another brand. So i popped into the local house of fraser and headed straight for mac :). I asked for help and told the girl what i wanted and she sat me down and tried a couple out on my face and this is what I ended up getting. It is very creamy and i don't need much for a full coverage so hopefully it will last for a while. It also smells quite vanillary but that might just be me haha. My only problem with it is that it seems to just sit on top of my skin and if i were to wipe it with a sleeve or something it would just come off. I probably need to use a powder to finish it but i use a bronzer. Hmm any ideas?

S.pngI am yet to find an eyeliner that works for me so please if you have any suggestions leave in the comment box? Mac's smolder eyeliner might look nice on first appearance however after an hour or too I found that it started to run down my face as shown in the picture below. Nobody wants panda eyes Mac. tut tut.

S.png'That girl' came in my benefit concealaholic box set however although highly rated by many, i found that it didnt really do anything at all to/for my skin and I don't think il be buying it again.

L.pngI have typically dry skin. I have to moisturise before bed and before i put makeup on. I've tried so many different moisturisers none of which have amazed me but i had heard a lot about the eyeko range and i fancied trying the moisturiser and i also heard that they sold it in Superdrug. However this particular store didn't stock it so i grabbed a good looking moisturiser i hadn't tried yet and i actually really like it and my dry skin areas are clearing up nicely. Recommended!

S.pngI know this isn't included in the 'big picture' of recently bought products as it is not really a recently bought product as such, however I really recommend benefit's powder pop as a must have blush! My boyfriend actually bought me a years vogue subscription as a stocking filler and powder pop came as a free gift! It comes with 3 different shades: Coralista, Dandelion and Dallas, personally I love Coralista for when Im going out and Dandelion in the day time as its soft and subtle and i know that when summer comes around I'll definitely be using Dallas for a bronzed look. For a blush pallet thats usually worth £28 in stores in my opinion its a great stocking filler alone, never mind the vogue! Well that helps too! ;)

L.pngPeople always talk about their favourite mascara. None have overly impressed me more than others to be honest so i usually try a new one every time. I was recommended this by a girl who works at mac as it has a lot more carbon pigments than most mascaras and i like the dramatic look. I do find it very black and its easy to apply and not clumpy etc. But I can never get it all off and I think its actually making my eyelashes fall out. How do other people find it?

Any questions, queries or advice please leave a comment below :)
Lots of love

Sophie & Leah

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