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So how do you do?!


First blog post...ahhhh!!
So before we introduce ourselves we just wanna make it pretty clear that we are in no way, shape or form makeup artists or fashion gurus. We are just a couple girls who struggle through bad hair days/makeup days, breakouts, boyfriend troubles and omg what do i wear days?! Therefore we are creating a blog to inform you of how we get by and to help you out along the way! We want to feature reviews, hauls and our general opinions on general life issues whether it be our favourite hairspray or worst/fav read. A general girly blog :)
So we are... Sophie and Leah - best friends that share everything, even colds. We live in Wiltshire near Bath and are currently on a gap year that consists entirely of having gaps in our year and doing generally nothing apart from the occasional tea and toast and vampire diaries session mmmm Damon... mmm Stefan. We are both mad for fashion and makeup, we play around and try our best!
Anyhow, it is very late and we need our beauty sleep and all that, our first "proper" post will be up tomorrow and we will get started! If you have anything you want us to blog about then feel free to email us and we will try to be of some help : blahlalah@hotmail.co.uk
Lots of love,

Sophie & Leah

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