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Gel Nail Disaster!!!


Bonjour my beautiful bloggers, Sophie here! With leah being gone I have much more time to myself as I'm not spending all my free time with her :( So to keep myself busy i'll probably be posting a few blogs for you on here!

Firstly Id like to share with you a really bad experience i recently had...

I love having pretty nails as i said in our previous blog, and I love the look of acrylic nails, but I HATE what they do to your nails! Everytime I've had my nails done at a salon I always find that my nails get really weak and horrible after my acrylics come off and then they all snap off an look horrible! This is because the nail technicians file your nails down so thin to make the acrylics look better!
So i thought about Gel nails because with them you can just have overlays and dont have to file anything down. However i didnt really want to spend £40 pound on something I wasnt even sure I was going to like, and I can always find something better to spend my money on!
So I decided to look on ebay to see if i could find a DIY nail kit. BIG MISTAKE, unfortunately all the pictures I took didnt turn out well atall so i cant show you but I'll paint you a picture. I did my first attempt on myself glueing the nail tips onto my own nails and not filing my own nails down atall ant then i put a clear gel layer over the top, it looked really wierd because you could see my real nails underneath but i just thought that when they dried they would look different. They didn't. They looked awful. I painted them milk chocolate by rimmel and they looked slightly better, but by this point I just wanted my real nails back because to be honest I have quite long nails anyway and they are a nice shape so I have no idea why i did this to myself, boredom maybe! It was when my dad told me they looked awful that I knew things were bad because he doesnt notice anything so I decided to take them off. After soaking my finers in vodka for an hour and nothing happening atall, I decided to soak them in nail varnish remover and that didnnt work either so in the end I just ripped them all off.
My nails underneath were so brittle and frail. I was so shocked because i hadnt filed them atall, the only thing that i can think of that would cause this is the glue. Im now trying to grow all my nails back after snapping most of them off :(
I will not be getting gel/acrylic nails again for a long time and now im glad i didnt waste more money getting them done..

It always feels good to have abit of a rant dont you think?

If anybody has anysuggestionsor questions or blog requests please let us know by email- blahlalah@hotmail.co.uk

Lots of love ;)

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  1. Lovely blog!
    Hah, at least somebody shares my love for having pretty nails! A girl can never have enough nail varnishes!
    I'm glad now though that I never got any acrylic or gel nails! :D

  1. Unfortunately, acrylics can do that to your nails. It took mine a good three weeks before I got them back to normal. I haven't done it since.


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