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Nail Varnish Fetish


We've always loved nail varnish, as i'm sure most of you have, everyone loves having pretty nails, however over the past year our fetish has reach an all time high as you can see in a picture of our combined nail varnish collection below.

Sophie says: I've recently noticed that every time I go out shopping and enter a Boots or Superdrug I leave with a new nail varnish, sometimes without even remembering i've bought it, i open my shopping bag to find a new nail varnish just waiting to be used! Im like a kleptomaniac, but i pay for things.

 As you can see one brand we particularly love is Barry M as we find the shades so bright and pigmented, your nails will always get complimented and always look good no matter what shade you wear. Another reason we love it is because its so affordable, Superdrug have an offer on nearly all year round at 2 for 5 pounds on barry M so you can mix and match products.

 Sophie Says: My boyfriends mum got me the Sex and the City nail varnish collection for christmas and to be honest i haven't worn all of the shades yet however out of the shades I have tried (Charlotte and Miranda ) I definitely prefer Miranda's shade as although I love pinks I found it really hard to blend Charlottes shade without getting blotchy bits. I took it off and re-applied several times however I just am so used to Barry M and how you can get away with one coat that although it was nice to try another brand I'm sad to say it wasn't the one for me. But obviously i still love watching them wearing the nail varnish on tv/ big screen.

Leah Says: I love Topshop and can always find a great outfit/shoes/pretty knickers. Half of my wardrobe you will have been able to find on the hangers of Topshop over the years. I was a bit sceptical when i learnt that they were introducing a new makeup range but i thought maybe I'll give it a go. So whilst i was in Bath having a quick shop a couple of weeks ago I picked up a nail varnish. I was looking for this shade anyway so I thought why not!? The colour is great but the application could be better. Comparing it to Barry M.. Barry M glides on whereas I find the Topshop varnish harder to apply. Its a bit more gloopy and needs a good couple of coats to have your nails looking at their best. I was a bit disappointed in this Topshop :( you could learn a lesson or two from Barry M. Can anyone recommend some better Topshop makeup products?

 Sophie Says: My collection of neutral shades is growing as I am not aloud to wear nail varnish to work but as i cant bare to have naked fingernails I try my best to sneak on a few neutral shades. The most risquee shade iv gotten away with is Mushroom by Barry M, however I must say that my favourite neutral shade to wear is Milk Chocolate by Rimmel as its kind of a Camel colour which has been a very 'in' colour this year.

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